Important Notice:

All campfires MUST be contained in a metal or ceramic container such as a firebox or barbecue. There cannot be any fires of any kind directly on the ground for any reason.

Dogs are welcome at the Big Nasty, but ONLY service dogs can come into the fenced-in spectator area and they MUST be leashed. And, ALL dogs must be leashed at ALL times. Good NEWS! Payette County rescinded their pit bull ban ordinance a while back and they are now welcome at the hillclimb! All dogs are welcomed as long as our guidelines are followed.

4-Wheeler & Dirt Bike Policy:

Senior citizens over 55, handicapped, staff and racers ARE allowed to ride 4-wheelers and dirt bikes around the campground as needed. There is a FIRM, 15mph speed limit in effect in all areas at all times, EXCEPT the racer burnout (testing) area, and during the mud bog on Saturday afternoon. You MAY bring a 4-wheeler or dirt bike to compete in the mud bog and may ride it to and from that event, but beyond that, please DO NOT ride around unless you are 55+, handicapped, staff or a racer. We have never had any serious injuries on the hill, but we sure have had a few in the campground when a teenager or adult used poor judgement or alcohol and we will not let a few pinheads ruin the weekend for everyone else.